Sunday, January 7, 2007


"Growing up in the Pop age, I keep coming back to Kirby time and again to dip
my toes in the waters of his work, a popular mythology shared by a generation
of comics readers.
The limitations of the badly-printed comic book page were unable to hinder the
scale and scope of his imagination (in fact, the rawness of the paper and garish
colours made his drawings 'pop' all the more) – from Kirby's drawing table a
vast cosmology of forms, characters and inventions sprang forth with operatic
verve and unique voice.
The immediacy of the comic artform is to me a constant reminder of the wonder
of creation – with some paper, some ink, and some inspiration Kirby casually
drops a universe of wonders into your lap. "

--Adrian at RINZEN, talking about Jack Kirby.