Sunday, January 28, 2007


A pannel from my take on the classic Torch vs. Spider-man theme, appearing this month in the Fantastic Four anniversary issue. Johhny and Wyatt Wingfoot in the Baxter Building's garage, hanging out and fooling around with Johnny's sports car. Colored by Jose Villarrubia.

The car is based on an experimental model designed by Chip Foose, which is about the closest thing I could find in the real world to the kind of cars Kirby would invent for his stories. I've seen some crazier customized cars based on the Hot Wheels toys, and those are downright bizarre-- a little too far out for this story. The Foose car you could probably drive on the highway and not scare the locals.

In the real world, you never see cars like this in Manhattan since the winter weather is so rough, but when did the real world ever get in the way of Jack Kirby's imagination?