Sunday, October 19, 2008


Battling Boy's father fighting the "Dragosaur".

In Batman Year 100, I had room for a couple of long fight sequences, but I felt cramped even with 200 pages. This fight scene from BATTLING BOY alone is about 50 pages. It's liberating to have no page restrictions. I wish Kirby could've had 50 pages for one fight scene, imagine what he would've done.

The extended cinematic sequence is one of the best gifts we've inherited from manga.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008



Above is my take on Monique St. Pierre's pin-up from the original 1978 November issue, deemed too racy to be included in the box as a special insert, so I am sharing it here (minus shag carpet). As for the figure, she really looks and feels like something out of an old issue of the retrofuturisitc Heavy Metal magazine. Of all the covers in the entire history of Playboy magazine (Playboy gave me the entire run of covers to chose my design from), it was this cover that really stood out to me as unusual. Miss November 1978 was attractive and mysterious in a way that defies the usual idea of a Playboy pin-up girl. I found her pose and attitude somehow defiant and enticing--a very modern woman with universal sex appeal. Her boots reminded me of something out of Barbarella or Flash Gordon.