Monday, January 22, 2007


MISS EXOTIC WORLD is an international festival which happens once a year in Las Vegas, NV. Established as an offshoot of the Burlesque Museum (founded by the original Marylin Monroe impersonator Dixie Evans), the festival is to the world of Burlesque what the San Diego Comics Convention is to comics-- a massive 3 day event attracting huge numbers of fans and top notch performers from all over the world.

On the left is my design for a 3 color 18x24 MISS EXOTIC WORLD silkscreen, finished as an edition of 100 prints, handpulled by Chris Rubino at
The full color version of this image (right) was used for the lightbox display booths outside the Celebrity Theater in downtown Las Vegas. Two twin lightbox prints were made in full color, each measuring 56x64 inches a piece, so far the largest work-for-print I've done.

I've always been interested in the possibilities of other forms of dynamic movement outside of the usual stuff we see in comics-- which is to say, the typical thing with two muscle-bound guys smashing into each other over and over. Whether it be fighting or sex or sports, the circus, music, or other different types of dance/performance, there is an almost endless range of ideas and feelings you can express through the depiction of the human form in action. Burlesque is essentially an artful form of classic strip-tease, and as such, it incorporates the best of seductive physical movement with the potent immediacy of great stage performance. As a subject, it presents itself as a wonderful subject for a cartoonist/designer.