Friday, July 13, 2007


Download the free LVHRD magazine here-- it has an article by me on 3 of my artist/heroes (Tadanori Yokoo, Guido Crepax, and Rene Gruau). MGZN 3 also has the 2 minute animated 100% film trailer embedded in it:


There's also an interview with the inscruitable Mr. Murray Hil.

MGZN amazingly hits half a milion readers worldwide already, and this is the first time the 100% film trailer has ever been shown anywhere--so that's cool. Sometime next week I'll publish the full draft of the article about Yokoo/Crepax/Gruau--it reads well in the magazine, but it did get severely truncated due to space restrictions. The original draft has a lot more information on each artists' life and work.

Hats off to Liz Tan of LVHRD, for the heavy lifting. She's pretty, she's petite, she's tougher than Popeye. And to Lee Lowridge of Xylanol Studios, who's not so petite but he is tougher than Bluto. His team constructed the 100% film using frames from the comic. Lee also did the greytone separations for the 100% graphic novel (which, unlike its "sister" book, Heavy Liquid, is still in print).

LVHRD is a members-only organization based here in NYC, made up of all kinds of people from different creative fields--learn more about them here: