Sunday, July 15, 2007


HYPE DEPT: A first look at Battling Boy-- this image is being run as a promo card for the big San Diego Comic Con. So if you're going ask for one.

Variously around Battling Boy, we see a bunch of the monsters whose asses he kicks-- Sadisto, the Wolfman, Muckmouth, Rubber Lips, The Grimmick, Egg Man, The War Pig, and maybe a couple others. There are many other monsters in the story--some of the classics, some new ones. They do what monsters always do--steal things, break things, kill people, kidnap children and eat them. Behind them looming on the epic horizon is Battling Boy's dad.

I started scripting this during the last year I was working on Batman Year 100 and began the principal drawing in September 2006, alongside La Bionica, my upcoming book for Dargaud. The bad news is both won't hit til mid-2008 at the soonest.

PULPHOPE should be in stores this week though.