Saturday, March 22, 2008



Nylon Magazine has an early preview of a number of the designs I did for my capsule line debuting this fall from DKNY Jeans. See them here.

All of the items in the line are designed to be urban streetwear for men although some of the clothes would look good on a lady too (the camo jacket is pretty unisexy). Everything comes in a wide range of sizes for all bodytypes and everything is under $165.00, so it isn't just haute-conceptual catwalk stuff for human billionaire coatracks. We're schedualling a further photoshoot which I will be art directing, to be done sometime before the clothes are available. There are lots of cool little details which you would need to see upclose to get the idea-- some of the buttons have small PULPHOPE logos lazer-etched onto the fronts and some of the jackets have large interior prints. A lot of the fabric inks and clothing materials have nice textural qualities. The 2089 line will be onsale worldwide through a number of chainstores including Club 21 in Europe and Asia.