Friday, March 9, 2007


Been doing a LOT of work in photoshop recently. A lot, an ungodly amount, a ton, an overabundance, a shitload, and under constant deadline pressure. And it is why I haven't been here.

Went back to drawing the other day--finally!

The first time I need to erase something in the drawing, I noticed my eye instinctively moved up and slightly to the left. I was looking for the EDIT>>STEP BACKWARD function in my head. Then realized I was drawing. There is no EDIT function in the real world, you idiot! We call the EDIT>>STEP BACKWARD function in the real world an ERASER!

God I hate this awful digital era we've found ourselves in. For all of its obvious benefits. I don't ever want to lose the analogue, the touch, the real. There will never be an EDIT function in reality, thank god. But I do think before too long people won't notice that because they'll find a way to have one built into their heads. In the old days that was called drugs.