Sunday, February 4, 2007


Never understood why people knock Canada. People who've never been there and have no intention of going there. I love Canada. I've lived there, I was raised an hour from the Canadian border, in some ways you could say I even grew up there. I've broken bread with Canadians, slept with them, laughed with them, gotten drunk with them, done business with them, argued with them, fought with them, commiserated with them and loved them. I have a godson there and many friends. Canada is a huge country and it is part of America, it IS America as much as we of the States are. Its North, South, East, and West are as diverse as those of the States, and so are its people.

Rick White is Canadian. I've never met him but he is an incredible musican and I love what he does. He does exactly what he wants and he asks no permission to be who he is and I respect him for that.

Rick White.